My son and I make art together.

Spencer is 7 and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2011. I have created and sold art for some time.  Spencer became interested in “helping” me with the art earlier this year.  Being that metal sculpting can be somewhat dangerous I began to think of ways to be inclusive.  What I soon found was an outlet for both of us to share that lent itself to something much more than creating art…a curious intimacy, effective communication, and effortless expression between father and son.  Spencer loves the mess of the fluid art technique.  He picks the colors, mixes them, pours them and manipulates them.  I build the frames, apply the resin, and sculpt the metal.  Our art is integrated. For me, each piece is a symbol of shared time and love for my son.  For him, I believe it is pure expression and allows a glimpse into his experience.  For us, it is simply a story about a father and his son.

See our collaborative works for sale here.